Série VXS "modèles S"

Naturally Extended Lows Bring the Music to Life

VXS series “S” model subwoofers are ideal matches for VXS and VXC series speakers, smoothly extending the low frequency range with superb sonic quality for bigger, more true-to-life musical reproduction. Although no larger than a compact surface-mount speaker the VXS3S delivers solid, natural-sounding low-end reinforcement, while the VXS10S and VXS10ST make even more low-frequency power available for situations that require maximum bass authority.


3.5" Dual SR-Bass™ subwoofer for high and low impedance systems

  • Versatile subwoofer compatible with low and high impedance systems
  • Sound and size ideally matched to the VXS1ML
  • SR-Bass™ technology delivers solid bass in a compact unit
  • Satellite connectors for easy setup
  • Dedicated wall/ceiling mount hardware supplied
  • Black and white models available
  • Paintable enclosures and grilles
  • Recommended satellite speakers: VXS1ML

VXS10S / VXS10SW Enceinte acoustique de grave

Caisson de graves à boomer de 10 pouces à double bobinage en basse impédance

VXS10ST / VXS10STW Enceinte acoustique de grave

Caisson de graves à boomer 10 pouces à double bobinage pour lignes 70/100 V


Ceiling Mount Adapter for VXS3S.

UB-DXR8 U-Brackets

U-brackets allow simple and easy rigging in both horizontal and vertical configurations. (for DXR8mkII, DXR8, VXS10S/W, VXS10ST/W)

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