Central Management of Multiple Sound Systems from a Single Processor

Sound system requirements for corporate conference rooms, educational facilities, shopping malls, and a variety of other environments are becoming increasingly large and complex. The MRX7-D offers outstanding control efficiency and flexibility for a broad spectrum of audio installations.

Because the MRX7-D's design architecture is freely configurable, it allows an audio engineer to create a unique solution for the customer which can incorporate many unique processing components and maximize the use of available DSP. Having built in Dante connectivity, it also allows audio systems to take advantage of the many other Dante enable products on the market including Yamaha's wide range of Digital Mixers.

Flexible & Expandable

Flexible & Expandable

The MRX7-D takes full advantage of the globally adopted Dante networking technology. Dante is a true digital network that increases the flexibility and expandability of an audio system while helping to reduce the cost. It can handle and distribute high numbers of audio channels over long distances to many devices on the network simultaneously. With so many Dante enable devices available, such as microphones, processors, digital mixers and amplifiers, it is the ideal choice for medium to large scale system designs.

An Intuitive Graphical Interface for Sound System Design

The MTX-MRX Editor design process is a logical step-by-step analog of the physical installation workflow.

1. Device layout wizard

2. Functional setup

3. External controller setup

The MTX-MRX Editor that incorporates the MRX Designer software is the key to creating a wide variety of system designs. The MRX Designer is freely configurable and allows simple to operate, yet very flexible and powerful audio systems to be created. The powerful features available to a designer include a very large 64x64 matrix, industry leading Dan Dugan Automixing, advanced Acoustic Echo Cancelling plus a host of other specialist components.

An Intuitive Graphical Interface for Sound System Design

ProVisionaire Design

Yamaha ProVisionaire Design

ProVisionaire Design is a comprehensive Windows software application that allows intuitive sound design when using compatible Yamaha products. It is perfect for designing systems that utilize Yamaha products such as the MTX/MRX Series, the XMV Series, Rio/Tio interfaces, and ADECIA solutions. ProVisionaire Design can also be combined with the ProVisionaire Control computer application, allowing integrated control of all aspects of a project, from system design and configuration to everyday operation and management.

MTX-MRX Editor

The MTX-MRX Editor is a software application that can be used to construct sound systems with the MTX/MRX Series or the XMV Series. It allows control of sound systems to suit the environments and applications of multiple different areas, including delivery of music and vocal audio tailored to the specific needs of each area, and timer-triggered automated music playback and announcements.

Yamaha propose une grande variété d'options de contrôle à distance.

Yamaha propose une grande variété d'options de contrôle à distance.

Du point de vue du client, la possibilité d'accéder à un contrôle simple du système audio est cruciale, quelle que soit sa sophistication, est cruciale. Pour cette raison, Yamaha propose une grande variété d'options de contrôle à distance, qui vont des simples panneaux muraux DCP (avec leurs équivalents virtuels sur tablette ou smartphone sous iOS ou Android) aux contrôleurs muraux programmables MCP1, plus sophistiqués, en passant par la station d'annonces vocales PGM1 et les apps personnalisables ProVisionaire Touch et ProVisionaire Control, pour tablettes sous iOS et ordinateurs sous Windows respectivement.

Présentation générale

Les matrices/processeurs des Séries MTX/MRX sont conçues à la base pour les installations commerciales multizones ; elles proposent des fonctions de traitement d'une grande souplesse, essentielles dans une grande variété d'applications. Voici une introduction aux traitements DSP des matrices/processeurs MTX et MRX.

Présentation : entrées/sorties

Examen plus approfondi des entrées et des sorties des matrices/processeurs MTX et MRX, avec présentation des traitements DSP disponibles sur chacune.

MRX7-D Matrice/processeur de signaux audio

Simplicité de contrôle et grande souplesse, pour des systèmes de sonorisation complexes et de grande envergure.

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