Série R (SLOT) Rack d'entrées/sorties

The Extensive Mini-YGDAI Card Lineup on a Dante Network

The RSio64-D, the latest addition to the R series, is an audio interface that can convert between Dante and Mini-YGDAI formats for up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs. It provides versatile routing capability as well. Four Mini-YGDAI card slots allow cards for a wide variety of input/output formats as well as processing functions to be connected to a Dante network for live sound, broadcast, recording, post production, and other applications. The RSio64-D also supports remote setup from CL and QL series consoles.

RSio64-D Rack d'entrées/sorties

Le RSio64-D est une interface audio capable de convertir jusqu'à 64 entrées et 64 sorties Dante depuis/vers n'importe quelles cartes Mini-YGDAI.

Compatibility cards

Processing Card MY8-LAKE, DUGAN-MY16, WSG-Y16 V2
Analog Cards MY8-ADDA96, MY8-AD96, MY8-AD24, MY4-AD, MY8-DA96, MY4-DA
Digital Cards MY16-AT, MY8-AT, MY16-AE, MY8-AE96S, MY8-AE96, MY8-AE, MY8-AEB, MY16-MD64, MY8-SDI-ED, MY8-SDI-D, MY16-TD, MY8-TD
Network Cards AVIOM16/O-Y1, AVIOM6416Y2, MY16-CII, DANTE-MY16-AUD2, MY16-ES64, AVY16-ES100, MY16-EX, YG2, YS2, RN.341.MY, RN.141.MY, Pivitec e16i/o-MY

PA-700 AC Adapter

AC adapter for providing redundant power supply for SWP1, SWP2, RSio64-D, and DM7 Control.

  • Input power voltage: AC100-240V
  • Output power voltage: DC24V
  • XLR4-11C type connector
  • Dimensions: 139.0(W) x 31.3(H) x 58.2(D) mm *without cables

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