Conference room : Town Hall

Paging for public areas plus presentation systems for meeting rooms

This application is an example of a system that can service the entire building with announcements and BGM, while providing PA and music playback facilities for presentations in individual rooms as well. All equipment other than the speakers is located in a central machine room, while controllers in each room or area allow remote operation and adjustment.

An MTX matrix processor makes it possible to deliver announcements and BGM to the entire building while presentations are taking place in individual rooms.

Source selection and volume adjustment can be easily carried out via DCP control panels.

A scheduler function provides automatic playback of announcements or other material at preset times.



Components List

Model VXC4 ceiling speaker VXC6 ceiling speaker VXS8 speaker VXS5 speaker DCP4V4S controller XMV8140 amplifier
Qty 10 16 4 3 3 1
Model XMV4280 amplifier MTX3 matrix CD-C600RK CD player      
Qty 1 1 1      

Cable List

Name Analog Cable Speaker Cable: 8Ω Speaker Cable: 100V CAT5E cable
Length 30m 65m 225m 45m