Conference room : Small

High quality audio for presentations

Although this is a relatively simple conference room, it features a stereo speaker system installed to support video presentations shown on a screen. Ceiling speakers are also provided to ensure that speech and music are uniformly delivered to all attendees. The volume of the main stereo and ceiling speaker systems can be independently adjusted to match the application and number of participants

Yamaha CIS speaker systems deliver high quality, well defined sound that can be a significant advantage in speech applications.

The MA2030 is a compact amplifier designed for small applications that offers a range of powerful features, such as the capability to maintain constant volume levels across different sources.

Source selection and volume adjustment can be easily carried out via DCP control panels.



Components List

Model VXC6 ceiling speaker VXS8 speaker DCP1V4S controller MA2030 mixer amplifier PA2030 amplifier CD-C600RK CD player
Qty 8 1 1 1 1 1

Cable List

Name Analog Cable Speaker Cable: 8Ω Speaker Cable: 100V CAT5E cable
Length 10m 25m 50m 10m