Yamaha’s commercial installation solution enhanced the immersive experience of Sky Portal at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is the world renowned nature park located in the central region of Singapore. It comprises three waterfront gardens - Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore that offers visitors a vibrant horticultural oasis of floral displays and lush greenery. At the Supertree Observatory located in Gardens by the Bay, IcebergX has recently launched a project called Sky Portal which provides an immersive experience for visitors.

Iceberg is a dynamic blend of two companies, Iceberg Design Pte Ltd. and IcebergX Pte Ltd. Iceberg Design represents one of the Asian region’s foremost post-production companies, offering the highest level of film finishing, content-compositing, color-grading, 2D & 3D animation, editing and special-FX. IcebergX, on the other hand, specializes in creating customized dynamic experiences for environments, media, events and spaces. Their mission is to create an emotional connection by touching our human senses in ways that make the spaces and structures we experience more special, dynamic and immersive.

Sky Portal transports us between thoughts, people, visions and worlds, and reveals things by allowing us to enter another dimension. As one looks over the gardens from the Sky Portal, the world can be seen as a beautiful Vista. However, another dimension we see may be a world which none of us would wish for. The Sky Portal represents openings and discoveries. It is the gateway to see the image of the beautiful Earth.

The entrance of the lift at the bottom of the Observatory Tree

The AR panels inside the lift

Another AR area in the upper floor of the Observatory Tree

Yamaha Singapore had a few discussions and demos with IcebergX’s Team before proposing the ideal system for this new installation. IcebergX team also had their expectations for the audio system for the project as audio was key in this project.

  • The system includes the following:
    • VXS1ML speakers and XMV8140 power amplifier for the lift immersive audio system.
    • VXS3F, VXC4 speakers and XMV8280, XMV4140 power amplifier for the installation at the AR panels area.
    • MTX3 processor for both the lift system and AR panels area to manage system output.
  • The Lift Immersive Audio System
    • 4x VXS1MLB surface mount speakers
    • 2x VXS3S surface mount speakers
    • 1x MTX3 matrix processor
    • 1x XMV8140 power amplifier
  • AR panel area in the upper floor
    • 4x VXS3F surface mount speakers
    • 2x VXS10S subwoofer
    • 4x VXC4 ceiling speaker
    • 1x MTX3 matrix processor
    • 1x XMV8280 power amplifier
    • 1x XMV4140 power amplifier

The Yamaha MTX3 matrix processor brings with it flexible zoning, signal distribution and system alignment; while the Yamaha VXS and VXC Series ceiling speakers’ quintessential sound output ensures full reproduction of the immersive experience.

‘From the sound design perspective, it was imperative that the system would need to be capable enough to translate the immersive experience to the audience. This meant that not only was a high-fidelity speaker installation necessary, the expert calibration of such a system by trained and experienced audio professionals would be just as crucial.’ says IcebergX.

The VXS3SB subwoofer and VXS1MLB compact surface speaker in the lift

The VXC4 ceiling speakers and VXS10S subwoofer in AR panel area in the upper floor

‘Aside from this, the level of support for the brand and the product was also taken into consideration. As the installation was intended to be a permanent fixture, long-term support for the audio products was seen as a major benefit,' they added. Overall, IcebergX was impressed with the installation.

The high-quality sonic environment created by the Yamaha Speakers makes the space more pleasant and enhances the immersive experience of the Sky Portal installation.