Yamaha’s ZG02 game streaming mixer provides crucial team communication for the VALORANT Challengers Japan 2024 tournament

Competitors in the VALORANT Challengers Japan 2024 tournament finals adopted Yamaha’s ZG02 game streaming audio mixer to support their team communication during intense competition playing Riot Game’s popular VALORANT tactical FPS.

DM7 Firmware V1.54 and related Editor Released

This firmware release is an update for bug fixes, including a problem that caused the RX Gains of RF devices mounted to DM7 series to be reset to 0dB. Please refer to the full release notes on the download page for further details.

SWP2, SWR2311P-10G, SWX2320, SWX3220, SWR2310 New Firmware Released

This update improves the switch's functionality, adding the sFlow function, new features, and bug fixes.

Whispers to Crescendos - Inside Jason Batuyong’s mix for live television

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, amid the vibrant backlots of FOX, CBS and ABC, Jason Batuyong, head of audio for iHeartRadio Theater and mixer for broadcast shows, is a masterful artist orchestrating the multi-track soundtrack for global televised experiences. With his discerning ear and meticulous attention to detail, Jason has carved a niche mixing in the realm of live broadcasting and audio, where every note, whisper, and crescendo must seamlessly meld with the next.

New Immersive Expressions - Composing Unique Classical Music with AFC

Since 2017, Yamaha has been collaborating with the Rochester Institute of Technology to explore the new possibilities in musical expression offered by its Active Field Control (AFC) immersive audio system. As part of the research, composer SiHyun Uhm was invited to create a new classical work which intertwined sound space and music.

"Spectral Move" • New Sound Library for Yamaha MONTAGE M

Sponsorship agreement with OBS extends Yamaha's passion for supporting the creative work of artists and creators

Yamaha Corporation and its Creator & Consumer Audio Division announce their sponsorship agreement with OBS Project ("OBS"), which provides software for live streaming. By sponsoring OBS, which aids the live streaming activities of creators around the world, Yamaha advocates for the activities of content creators who devote themselves to developing a wide range of content, including live music performances, as well as podcasts and game streaming. Yamaha will continue to support creators in an ongoing collaboration with OBS, including technical exchanges, with the aim of developing products and services that will further improve the user experience.

Prestigious German Design Award "Upcycling Guitar" Concept Models and "e-plegona" Selected for Design Concept Discipline of Red Dot Award

Yamaha Corporation announces that two of its designs were selected to receive the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2024: namely, the "Upcycling Guitar" electric guitar concept models, and the "e-plegona" experiential installation, which was developed in collaboration with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Music Production Guide 2024 | 04

The latest issue of the Music Production Guide is now available for download. Enjoy!

Yamaha enrichit sa série d'enceintes DHR/CHR avec deux nouveaux modèles pour une plus grande polyvalence

Yamaha ajoute de nouveaux modèles à la série d'enceintes DHR/CHR. Le plus large choix de modèles à deux voies bi-amplifiés (DHR) ou passifs (CHR), avec les DHR/CHR12 et DHR/CHR15M, apporte une flexibilité supplémentaire à cette série polyvalente pour le live et l'installation, offrrant qualité, précision et performances professionnelles à un tarif contenu.