Découvrez le kit Yamaha Stage custom Hip avec nos artistes Yamaha

L'artiste Yamaha Kevin "Kikoué" Ki se produit avec le Yamaha Stage Custom Hip kit, DTX-Multi12 & EAD10 Drum Module. Avec l'ajout de la flûte et de la kora à son set, Kevin offre une performance qui fusionne les arrangements traditionnels mandingue avec l'influence panafricaine.

Artist Insights featuring Eirik Gjerdevik

Yamaha artist Eirik Gjerdevik, tuba soloist and conductor, has collected for us some hints and tips that could come handy when practising on your tuba along with some consideration on the effect your playing has on your band. Click here to read the full article.

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Yamaha Artist Chick Corea

Words cannot adequately express the tremendous loss the music community, indeed the entire world, has suffered this week. Chick Corea, keyboardist, composer, bandleader and musical pioneer, who spent more than half a century innovating and influencing the most important figures in jazz history, died on February 9th from a rare form of cancer.