Garantie appliquée aux amplificateurs de puissance & contrôleur pour l'Espace Économique Européen et la Suisse

Guarantee for selected power amplifiers & amp control products for the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

Please read the terms of this guarantee carefully. If you have any questions, please contact an authorized Yamaha Commercial Audio dealer or a Yamaha representative office.

  • Products covered by this guarantee
    • TXn series (TX6n, TX5n, TX4n)
    • Tn series (T5n, T4n, T3n)
    • PC-01N series (PC9501, PC6501N, PC4801N, PC3301N, PC2001N)
    • XP series (XP7000, XP5000, XP3500, XP2500, XP100
    • XH200
    • XM series (XM4180, XM4080)
    • Amp Control Unit ACU16-C
    • Network Hub/Bridge NHB32-C
    • Amplifier Control Device ACD-1

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