CS-800 Barre de son vidéo USB pour mini-salles de réunion

The difference between the CS-800 and CS-500 is the presence or absence of speakers.

The CS-800 is equipped with full-range speakers and can be used in medium-sized conference rooms where sufficient audio output is required. The CS-500, on the other hand, has no speakers. By utilizing the built-in speakers of the display to which it is connected, the CS-500 can be used in open spaces such as huddle spaces.

Features of the CS-500 and CS-800 compared to the CS-700 include.

SoundCap Eye™ and Smart Framing technologies enable high-quality, comfortable video calls even in open spaces.

Auto wake-up function and USB plug-and-play connectivity for easy use.

Installation advantages: the new CS series has a wider range of mounting options.

Auto wake-up function is only available if your display supports HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible display.

From a smart device connected via Bluetooth to the CS-800/CS-500, just start a conference call, and the CS-800/CS-500 will provide the audio.

The stand-by screen image can be changed by using the CS Manager. See "Stand-by screen image selection" in the "Display Settings" section of the User Guide.

If your display size is between 48 and 70 inches then the CS-800 can be installed above or below the display. Should your display be between 60 and 70 inches then the BRK-TV1 (VESA Standard) will be required for installation. See the BRK-TV1 website and manual for details.

Use Yamaha's high-spec USB cable CBL-10AC (10m) or CBL-25AC (25m) to connect the CS-800/CS-500 to a PC.

The quality of cables (USB cables and HDMI cables) on the market varies. Use of low-quality cables may cause unstable operation of the CS-800/CS-500. For stable operation, please contact the Yamaha Repair Consultation Center for the most up to date recommendations.

First check the following items:

- The unit is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable.

- The correct input is selected on your display.

- "Duplicate" or "Extend" is selected in the PC's display settings.

- Check any other necessary settings for your specific device.

- Ensure the DisplayLink setting is enabled in Yamaha CS Manager.

If the laptop screen does not appear on the display after checking the following items, the DisplayLink driver may need to be installed. The latest DisplayLink driver can be downloaded from the following website.