Contrôle et surveillance à distance de systèmes entiers à partir d'un seul panneau

ProVisionaire Control et ProVisionaire Touch sont des applications logicielles qui permettent un contrôle et une surveillance à distance unifiés de l'ensemble des systèmes. ProVisionaire Control est compatible avec les appareils Windows, et ProVisionaire Touch avec l'iPad. Une large gamme d'appareils est prise en charge, notamment les processeurs MTX/MRX, les mélangeurs numériques CL/QL/TF, les unités d'E/S Rio, les amplificateurs de puissance XMV et les contrôleurs TD alimentés NEXO NXAMPMK2. Des panneaux de contrôle personnalisés peuvent être créés en assignant les paramètres nécessaires à une seule page d'affichage. ProVisionaire Control comprend ProVisionaire Monitoring Service, ce qui facilite la surveillance de l'état des dispositifs du système, tandis que les alertes et autres données de journal peuvent être enregistrées sur un ordinateur.

3 Key Features

Total System Control

Device Monitoring

Custom Control Panel


Total System Control

Remotely control entire systems from a single panel

Remotely control entire systems from a single panel

ProVisionaire can remotely control a wide range of Yamaha and Nexo equipments, including MTX/MRX series signal processors, CL/QL/TF series digital mixers, Rio series I/O boxes, XMV series power amplifiers, and Nexo NXAMPMK2 Powered TD Controllers from a single panel. With "External Event" function which is available in MTX/MRX series, even other companies devices such as projectors, curtains, and lights can be controlled. The system designer can specify which parameters from the available selection of products are to be included in the ProVisionaire designing, thus can create a fully customized control surface for the client. The ProVisionaire is a total control solution for the entire system.

Devices that Support Controlling

*There are models that are not available in some regions.

**Only ProVisionaire Touch Kiosk supports RM series. To control RM series with ProVisionaire Touch Kiosk, please design the controller screen using ProVisionaire Control and send it to ProVisionaire Touch Kiosk via Wi-Fi.

Control external devices including other companies' devices

With "External Events" function which is available in Yamaha processors MTX3, MTX5-D, and MRX7-D, you can issue UDP or TCP commands from the processors. This function makes it possible to control external devices including other companies' devices by Yamaha control devices such as ProVisionaire Control/Touch, Digital Control Panel, MCP1 and Wireless DCP. For example, you can turn on the projector, close the curtain, turn off the lights, by recalling presets.

Yamaha ProVisionaire: Control external devices including other companies' devices

Dante network for AV presentation/ BGM/ Paging system (Enterprise/ Education/ Hotel Banquet)

- Aggregate in-house broadcasting and voice control for multiple areas in a MRX7-D system, all managed with ProVisionaire Control.

- Digital mixer for situations in which additional voice inputs and detailed operation are required for panel discussions, lectures, band performances, etc.

- A single operator can monitor the CL5, QL5 and Rio3224-D2 from one computer running ProVisionaire Control.

Yamaha ProVisionaire: Dante network for AV presentation/ BGM/ Paging system (Enterprise/ Education/ Hotel Banquet)

Comprehensive control both audio and video content (Conference rooms, Auditrium, Multipurpose halls, Hotel Banquet)

- Microphones, a Blu-ray player, computer playback, and video switching can all be controlled from the Provisionaire Control or ProVisionaire Touch.

- Utilize MTX5-D Dugan Automatic mixing function when more voice input is required for panel discussion and lecture. It can manage the level of each microphone, achieving better clarity in sound and suppressing unwanted feedback.

  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Comprehensive control both audio and video content (Conference rooms, Auditrium, Multipurpose halls, Hotel Banquet)

Remote volume, playback, and audio device control

Remote control of MusicCast enabled audio devices is supported. A MusicCast capable wireless straming amplifiers such as the WXC-50 could be added to an installation that is based on MTX and/or MRX series processors, with playback and track selection controlled via a WiFi network from a single iPad. This type of capability is ideal for controlling playback devices, adjusting volume, and selecting areas in restaurant and banquet hall situations.

  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Remote volume, playback, and audio device control

Video content support

By combining MTX/MRX system with the MusicCast® compatible AV receiver, it is possible to select the music source, switch the HDMI input source with the AV receiver, and control the devices all together with one iPad. For example, by combining video and audio content control in one iPad used in a conference room or classroom, a simpler and more convenient control system can be constructed.

  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Video content support

Remote entertainment control from playback to performance

ProVisionaire Touch supports the Yamaha Disklavier™ ENSPIRE, providing wireless remote control of automated acoustic piano playback as well as DisklavierRadio streaming. Centralized control of BGM sources such as WXC-50 as well as the Disklavier from the ProVisionaire Touch app makes it easy to switch between acoustic piano and recorded sources according to the time of day or event schedules. ProVisionaire Touch is a smooth, effortless way to remotely control a variety of entertainment programs.

  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Remote entertainment control from playback to performance

Device Monitoring

ProVisionaire Monitoring Service (Available in ProVisionaire Control)

In a theater situation where multiple devices with monitoring capability such as digital mixers, I/O racks, and power amplifiers are distributed throughout the area, a single operator can monitor and manage the entire system from one computer. Not only can faults that aren’t visible from the device’s exterior be easily and quickly detected, but the log makes it easy to identify precisely where problems originate from. ProVisionaire Control is an excellent tool for keeping track of device connection status as well as preventing, detecting, and solving problems. The addition of improved audio system monitoring capability will notable increase system convenience and reliability.

Yamaha ProVisionaire: ProVisionaire Monitoring Service

Devices that Support System Monitoring

  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Select the function to be monitoring for the selected device
  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Basic info for the selected device
  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Sensing data history for the selected devices
  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Fault and event history for the selected devices

Custom Control Panel

Customizable control panel software

By simply dragging and dropping widgets such as faders and switches in a graphic interface from ProVisionaire widgets or MTX-MRX Editor, you can create custom control panels dedicated to the applications and functions required for any installation. No programming know-how or experience is necessary. Yamaha provides a versatile range of remote-control options to suit various installation types and user requirements, ranging from simple remotes to fully customizable software-based control for Windows devices or iPad.

  • Yamaha ProVisionaire
  • Yamaha ProVisionaire: Customizable control panel software

Design Templates

You can find good-looking various templates in the download page. By simply adjusting the number of mics and any kind of buttons, you can easily create a good-looking controller design for many types of application that will be welcomed by the customers. We also have various types of icons that will be useful for customization.

Controller Templates

Design Basic

Design Light

Design Dark


Icons A

Icons B

User Level Access Control

ProVisionaire Touch and Control have four user level management functions. By utilizing this function, it prevents controller users from accessing the operating system so that unintended control or design changes cannot occur.

  Administor Power User Staff Guest
Unlock the screen lock - - -
Operate parameters -
Edit a controller file - -
Edit the design - - -

ProVisionaire Control/Touch KIOSK

ProVisionaire Control KIOSK and ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK allows the Windows devices or iPad to be set up to function as a dedicated controller, preventing users from accessing the operating system or other applications so that unintended control or design changes cannot occur. The use of ProVisionaire Control KIOSK or Touch KIOSK will provide smooth and safe operation.


  ProVisionaire Control ProVisionaire Control KIOSK ProVisionaire Touch ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK
UI Design - -
Support OS Windows Windows iOS(iPad) iOS(iPad)

Use ProVisionaire Control to design ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK

Controller screen for "ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK" iPad application can be designed using "ProVisionaire Control" Windows software and sent directly via Wi-Fi. The controller design interoperability this provides is advantageous when you need to efficiently create large numbers of controllers.

Yamaha ProVisionaire: Use ProVisionaire Control to design ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK

ProVisionaire Control

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ProVisionaire Touch

Contrôle à distance, via iPad, personnalisable de systèmes de sonorisation Yamaha

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