DM7 Series


Create simple custom live sound systems with Dante

The DM7 series keeps system design simple with Dante—even live sound systems with multiple consoles.

Each piece of equipment is connected with thin, lightweight Ethernet cables.

The Port to Port function is used to turn the local inputs of the DM7 for the monitors into a stage box for connecting other mixers via Dante to cut down on equipment.

The gain compensation function makes it possible to adjust the levels from each console. Also, installing the bundled Steinberg Nuendo Live software on computers connected via Dante facilitates live recordings.


DM7 readily accommodates large systems

The DM7 series features a Theatre Package, a controller with physical controls, and two differently sized consoles that give engineers and venues the ability to create their ideal systems.

In the system shown here, the engineer uses AFC Image, utilizing the DM7-EX panner for smooth control of the hall’s immersive sound.

All equipment is connected via Dante, and ProVisionaire Control can be used for control.


Split mode enables FOH and monitor mixing

The functions of the DM7 paired with the sound systems of smaller churches make announcing efficient and easy with minimal equipment.

A DM7 installed in the FOH booth can be used in split mode to turn it into a combination FOH-monitor mixer and put together a range of Scenes individually. MonitorMix can be used to give artists the power to adjust their own monitors to their liking.

The HA, Naming, and Fader Assist functions offer help and save time when less-experienced volunteers are at the controls.

Control and monitoring of I/O and DZR speakers can be performed directly on the mixer, centralizing system management.


Compact system ideal for conferences and speech events

The DM7 Compact all-in-one mixer is the perfect size for conferences, talks, and other events that require unobtrusive systems that fit into small spaces. The DM7 Compact has inputs for up to 16 mics, and the Dan Dugan Automixer on the channel strip can be used to optimize the balance for lecturers’ and announcers’ microphones. USB flash drive compatibility makes it easy to record events and play background music. With DZR12-D speakers, the minimum number of operators can efficiently monitor levels and mute speaker audio from the console.


Improved workflow with a full lineup of broadcast functions that belie the compact size of the DM7-EX.

The wide range of controls and Broadcast Package of the provide audio mixing systems with a variety of functions, including 5.1 Surround mixing, monitor control, and an Audio Follow Video function that ties audio to video by following tally signals via GPI. Enjoy flexible connectivity through conversion to different formats enabled by a Dante backbone network.