01V96i Console de mixage numérique

Enregistrement live multipiste en 96 kHz via une seule connexion.

Afin de répondre à la demande de plus en plus fréquente d'enregistrement/lecture multipiste en spectacle vivant, la 01V96i offre désormais une connectique USB 2.0 – ce qui vous permet d'emporter votre studio sur la route. Grâce au streaming audio en 96 kHz sur 16 entrées et 16 sorties via une seule liaison, il n'a jamais été aussi facile d'enregistrer, d'éditer et de produire des enregistrements de haute qualité, de niveau professionnel. La connectique USB offre également une communication MIDI bidirectionnelle, ce qui vous permet d'allier le contrôle physique précis autorisé par votre console à toutes les possibilités de la version la plus récente de Cubase AI, livré d'origine avec la 01V96i.

Tous les chefs-d'oeuvre ont commencé par une feuille blanche. Et vous ?

At Yamaha, we believe that the signature on your sound should be your own, not ours. With this philosophy in mind, the 01V96i—like all of our higher-end digital mixing consoles—was designed to provide outstanding sonic transparency, giving you the purest signal reproduction possible as a starting point. With this clear, unaltered medium as the foundation, all of the color, shape and expressive elements of your sound are entirely in your hands. So now you've got your canvas— time to add color. Yamaha's acclaimed VCM effects faithfully model the analog circuitry of classic effect units right down to the very last resistor and capacitor, bringing the richness and warmth of analog to a digital environment. So whether you're bringing vocals to life with a classic Yamaha SPX reverb, or smoothing out a bassline with a classic compressor from the 70's, you can depend on Yamaha's flexible digital processing to produce stunning vintage authenticity.

24bit/96kHz Performance with Improved Studio-Quality Head Amps

Unlike some digital consoles that achieve operation in 96kHz mode with a reduced number of tracks, 01V96i imposes no such limitations at any of the provided sampling rates, with high resolution 96kHz and 32bit internal processing (58-bit accumulator) as the standard. What's more, all onboard A/D and D/A conversion makes use of top-performance 24bit/96kHz converters. This is particularly important with the 01V96i because it features improved, studio-quality head amps that offer extremely high-resolution and a remarkable sense of “air”. With onboard converters operating at the full 24bits and 96kHz, you can be sure that nothing is lost in the digital representation of the warm, transparent output from these exceptional preamps.

96kHz Internal Effects and Top-Quality Compression, Gating and Delay

What's the point of having 24bit/ 96kHz audio if you have to convert down to a lower sampling rate for effect processing? That's exactly what's happening if you're using hardware or software processors that don't offer 24bit/ 96kHz performance anywhere in your signal chain. That's why Yamaha included a comprehensive range of 96kHz compatible stereo effects. The 01V96i also features flexible, independent channel compression and gating/ducking processors for dynamics control, 4-band parametric channel equalizers that offer extra versatility with switchable “type I” or “type II” EQ algorithms, as well as a channel delay. All channel processors, except for channel delay, come with an extensive selection of presets in a range of “libraries”that can simply be used unmodified or edited to suit specific requirements. All channel functions except gating are also provided on all output buses.

La suite complète d'effets VCM et de réverbérations REV-X haute résolution Yamaha.

Channel Strip - Bring Back The Classics -

Cinq effets utilisant la technologie VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) pour recréer les sons et caractéristiques de compresseurs et égaliseurs analogiques des années 70.

Master Strip - A Reel Advantage -

Le package Master Strip Open Deck AE21 utilise la technologie VCM afin de recréer les caractéristiques des circuits analogiques et des bandes magnétiques que l'on trouvait dans les magnétophones professionnels de mastering. A cause de leur capacité à adoucir les signaux en limite d'écrétage et leur son chaudement analogique, de nombreux studios utilisent encore ces machines pour donner un son roiginal à leur productions. Avec le package Open Deck AE21, vous pourrez modéliser différentents types de machines suisses ou américaines des années 1970. Différents types de bandes magnétiques peuvent être choisis, ainsi que les vitesses de bandes, courants de pré-magnétisation, etc.

Vintage Stomp - Phasers on Stun -

Stunning authenticity, that is. Vintage Stomp gives you three distinctly different phasers modeled after the most sought-after stompbox effects units of the 70's. Yamaha's VCM technology gives these outstanding recreations all the warmth and atmosphere of the original vintage units, and combines it with the control and processing flexibility that a digital environment affords.

Reverb - Bring Your Mix to Life -

Introduit pour la première fois dans le processeur d'effets professionnel SPX2000, l'algorithme “REV-X” produit une réverbération riche et douce avec un decay très réaliste. Trois programmes sont disponibles : REV-X Hall, REV-X Room, et REV-X, avec de nouveaux paramètres comme ""room size"" et ""decay envelopes"" qui offrent un contrôle de la définition et des nuances sans précédent.

Capacités de mixage, polyvalence et évolutivité

Don't let its compact construction fool you— the 01V96i has tremendous mixing capacity for a console its size, making it extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of studio and sound reinforcement applications.

40 Input/20 Bus Mixing at 96kHz

With up to 40 simultaneous inputs and 20 buses at 96kHz, the 01V96i delivers large console power in a rack-mount sized package. Offering a main stereo bus, eight individual mixing buses, two solo buses, and eight auxiliary buses —a total of 20 in all— the 01V96i gives you plenty of signal-routing options to adapt to just about any mixing requirements.

Connectivité complète

Right out of the box the 01V96i offers 16 analog channel inputs—12 with improved studio-quality head amps-—and on the digital front, 8-channel optical ADAT, coaxial 2-track inputs and 16 inputs via USB. Analog outputs include the main stereo output, stereo monitor outputs, a stereo 2-track output, four OMNI outputs, 12 channel TRS insert points and a headphones output, matched with coaxial 2-track outputs and 8-channel optical ADAT for digital output. When you need more, Yamaha offers a range of mini-YGDAI expansion cards that can be inserted into the 01V96i’s expansion slot. From traditional analog audio formats to standard digital audio and dedicated third-party proprietary network protocols, Mini-YGDAI cards make it easy to add I/O in a wide variety of audio and network formats to 01V96i.

Cascade Link for Ultimate Expandability

When your situation demands a high capacity setup—particularly for live sound reinforcement applications— the "01V96i Cascade Link" allows you to run two units cascaded giving you up to 80 channels of mixing capability. One simple connection for all the power you would ever need.

Les avantages du numérique

The benefits of digital technology are innumerable in terms of functionality, cost and space. However the physical, intuitive aspects of analog style mixers can never be discounted either. Our motto in designing the console: mix with your ears, not with your eyes. It was with this philosophy in mind that we made the best use of the technology at our disposal to offer digital features that make a difference, without overshadowing the familiar analog attributes of mixing.

Fast Flexible Patching

Patching and assigning channels has always been one of the most trying aspects of mixing with an analog console. Using the 01V96i's versatile, easy-to-use patching system, all available inputs, outputs, effects, channel inserts —and now USB I/O— can be assigned to any of the console's channels or outputs. For example, any of the effect processors can be assigned to an auxiliary bus for send-type operation, or inserted directly into any input channel as required. Centralized control means you'll never have to run around to physically re-patch cables whenever you need to reconfigure the system. Patch setups can be stored in the 01V96i patch library for instant recall at any time.

Precision Motor Faders That Do More Than Just Mix

All of Yamaha's professional digital mixing consoles feature motor faders for a reason. A mixing engineer needs to be able to see exactly where levels are at all times, and without motor faders, every time you recall a previously stored scene or remotely control your mixer from external devices, the mix you hear will be totally different from what is represented by the faders on the console. This can cause considerable confusion and affect your workflow dramatically. Why run the risk of blowing your mix by compromising on such a crucial feature? Yamaha's 100mm motor faders are the end result of the extensive research and analysis put into making our top-line digital mixers. With the intuitive, physical control they afford, these precision faders will ensure that your previously stored settings not only sound exactly the same, but look just as they did when you saved them. What's more, multiple monitor mixes can be recalled and modified instantly and intuitively via the sends on fader function.

Intuitive "Selected Channel"

“Selected Channel” controls are the "hands-on" channel controls for the currently selected input and output channel, with analog style buttons and knobs that allow you direct access and control of essential parameters. This Yamaha-designed configuration has become a classic as well the de-facto industry standard, and is familiar territory to most experienced engineers.

Layer Switching and Fader Mode

One of the greatest advantages of digital control is that it adds extraordinary power and flexibility to your console without taking up valuable space. The 01V96i has 16 channel faders and one stereo master fader. The channel faders can be instantly switched to handle input channels 1-16, 17-32, MASTER (8 AUX and 8 BUSES) or REMOTE via the console's LAYER switches. In the REMOTE layer, you can control major DAW software or create custom fader layers with which you can assign any in/out channels you like. The Fader MODE keys switch the 01V96i faders between fader and auxiliary level control instantaneously. Powered by fast, precise motor-driven mechanisms, the faders respond immediately by moving to the settings of the corresponding mode.

Versatile Channel Pairing

In addition to being able to pair faders "horizontally," corresponding faders in adjacent layers can be “vertically” paired, allowing each physical channel fader to be used for stereo channel control. Multiple stereo channels can thus be controlled from a single layer with a whole list of linked parameters.

Une polyvalence-née, affinée pour le spectacle vivant

The 01V has been used in a wide variety of applications due to its exceptional versatility. Highly customizable, the 01V96i can be configured to meet specific demands of various environments and greatly benefit your operation of the console. In live situations in particular, the console's personalized functions add a familiar touch while streamlining your workflow tremendously.

Fonction BOOST

You can group faders and mutes from any selected input channels or output buses and store the settings in multiple banks. The group function is very convenient for various applications including sound reinforcement.

User Defined Keys for Customized Control of Your Console

Eight user-defined keys allow you to customize how you interact with your console. These keys can be assigned to control any functions you choose. You could, for example, assign them to switch scenes, copy/paste channels or flip display pages and numerous other functions that can give you a tremendous advantage in live sound applications. The Instant Group Assignment function allows you to use these keys to set up mute group masters quickly— ideal for live applications where groups of instruments or sound sources need to be muted instantly.

Scene Memory — Instant Recall is Just a Click Away

The ability to store and recall all console parameters in an instant is a huge advantage for sound reinforcement applications. You can instantly switch "scenes" during a performance, as well as recall the basic settings for a show at different venues, then tweak to optimize the sound for that environment. This can dramatically reduce setup time and benefit your workflow tremendously. All scene data can also be managed offline on a personal computer using the 01V96i Editor. You can do basic setup on your laptop, and then transfer the data to the console at the venue. 01V96i digital mixing console also lets you recall a scene with fade time, or apply “recall safe” for only the specified parameters and channels, or globally for added creative control and flexibility. There’s even a global paste function that lets you simultaneously paste selected parameters from one scene to multiple scenes – your EQ and AUX settings from final rehearsal, for example, can easily be copied to all other scenes that will be used during the performance.

Seamless DAW Integration

In addition to its extensive stand-alone capabilities, the 01V96i can seamlessly integrate with your computer-based DAW. In addition to the bi-directional 16 x 16 USB2.0 audio integration, the 01V96i also functions as a powerful controller for your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This provides that familiar hands-on feel when recording, mixing and editing your tracks. Control templates are provided for Avid ProTools®, Steinberg Cubase® and Nuendo® while the general DAW mode supports a range of other DAWs. MIDI control tables can also be created to provide compatibility with MIDI-compatible DAW systems.


Disponible pour les plates-formes Mac OS X et Windows, le logiciel 01V96i Editor est une application de gestion poussée, permettant de contrôler intégralement tous les paramètres de la console depuis votre ordinateur. Une fois connecté à la console et le mode Online activé, 01V96i permet de suivre tout ce qui se passe, avec une visualisation en temps réel des statuts des voies. Utilisé Offline, il permet de gérer et de modifier des données de Scènes, des listes de patch, et autres fonctions, ce qui permet de gagner du temps et de l'efficacité dans votre travail. Si vous utilisez une console louée ou déjà sur place, il suffit d'enregistrer les données de la vôtre, puis de les transférer à votre guise sur l'autre. 01V96i Editor constitue également un outil d'archivage de choix : retrouvez telle configuration, pour tel endroit, des années après !

Cubase AI – le complément parfait

Avec Cubase, Steinberg a redéfini en profondeur le concept de logiciel de production musicale, et met à la disposition des utilisateurs le logiciel de station de travail audio le plus avancé et le plus complet disponible aujourd'hui sur le marché. La 01V96i est livrée avec la dernière version de Cubase AI, constituant ainsi une plate-forme souple et intuitive vous permettant d'atteindre tout votre potentiel créatif. Cubase Al est une version simplifiée du logiciel de production musicale Steinberg Cubase, reconnu mondialement ; il est basé sur les mêmes technologies et algorithmes et utilise la même interface. En l'utilisant avec la 01V96i, les utilisateurs d'ordinateurs sous Mac OS X et Windows accèdent à une solution système globale, offrant tous les outils nécessaires pour composer, enregistrer, éditer et mixer de la musique, avec une qualité studio, que l'on travaille dans un studio ou non.