Série AG

Votre public vous attend.

Nous vivons à une époque où chacune et chacun peut créer du contenu en ligne et le streamer.

La deuxième génération de la série AG a été développée pour assurer les opérations de streaming qui exigent plus que jamais simplicité et performances en temps réel, afin de faciliter les connexions entre individus dans un monde où la communication est indispensable.

Simple and intuitive audio control

Yamaha AG Series: Simple and intuitive audio control

Live streaming can often require audio adjustments on the spur of the moment and the AG series’ controls were configured to ensure that you won’t have to compromise your streaming content while making real-time alterations to your audio broadcast.

Improved performance helps you reach a wider audience

Yamaha AG Series: Improved performance helps you reach a wider audience

The AG series features studio-quality DSP effects that will enable you to get the absolute best out of your performances. What’s more, the addition of a 4-pole mini input/output jack will help you reach a wider audience using your smartphone for mirrored streaming applications.

Which AG is right for you?

Yamaha AG Series: Which AG is right for you?

The AG series is comprised of four different models, each available in black or white.

The AG01 has integrated its mixer functionality into a USB microphone, the AG03MK2 has a fader interface, as does the AG06MK2 which is also capable of powering two condenser microphones simultaneously, and the AG08 is an all-in-one unit with more flexible inputs and outputs, and real-time performance features that will further enhance your live streaming, such as customizable sound pads and a voice changer.

Each model can support you in its own way, making it easy for you to decide which AG model best suits your streaming content and experience level.

OBS Certified Devices

Yamaha AG01/AG03MK2/AG06MK2: OBS Certified Devices

AG01, AG03MK2, and AG06MK2 are “OBS Certified” devices. Provides seamless streaming experience with OBS Studio.

Into the Infinite World of Streaming

Now there are so many forms of enjoyment in the streaming world, and the content, as well as its style, is extremely diverse, ranging from simple single-person streaming applications to those carried out with the cooperation of multiple people.

In the business world, there are more and more situations where remote meetings, negotiations, and the introduction of new products are done via live streaming.

The second generation of AG series offers a lineup of versatile streaming products designed to adapt to this ever-expanding streaming landscape.

Connect to a new world of infinite possibilities with the AG series.

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