In this tutorial video series, Ashley will show you how to create audio mixes in Dolby Atmos with Nuage.

Dolby Atmos is a surround technology that allows you to position sound sources, not only around your head but also above your head using two rows of ceiling speakers. Hundres of titles have been mixed in Dolby Atmos and they are are available both in theaters and at home (Special thanks to beBlue Aoyama Studio, Tokyo).

1. Basic Concepts : What is Dolby Atmos?

Ashley starts from talking about the basic concepts of Dolby Atmos as well as the difference between Dolby Atmos and other surround technologies.

2. Basic Concepts : Speaker Configurations

There are basically two different minimum speaker configurations for Dolby Atmos, one is 7.1.4 for home theater mixing and the other is 9.1.4 for cinema mixing.

3. Nuendo/Nuage Setups : Nuendo Setups

In this video, we are going to set up the Nuendo project to begin working with Dolby Atmos since it has some requirements such as video frame rate and audio sampling frequency.

4. Nuendo/Nuage Setups : Connecting RMio-64D

Since Dolby RMU is a MADI-based unit, we need to have a Dante-MADI converter and we will introduce Yamaha RMio64-D.

5. Nuendo/Nuage Setups : Connecting Dolby RMU

We will give a quick introduction to Dolby RMU and its bundled application software.

6. VST MultiPanner : VST MultiPanner

In this video, Ashley will go over some of the features of the VST MultiPanner when it is used in an Atmos mixing Project.

7. VST MultiPanner : 3-Axis Panning

In the Dolby Atmos panning, we have some extra parameters in the panner and they have to do with an additional axis - X, Y, and Z axes.

8. VST MultiPanner : Elevation Pattern

In this video, we will take a look at a new "helper tool" for VST MultiPanner when working in Atmos.

9. VST MultiPanner : Bed Mode vs. Object Mode

Ashley is going to talk about the difference between Bed mode and Object mode in Atmos mixing, and how the signals are sent to and processed in Dolby RMU.

10. VST MultiPanner : Using Multi-channel Sound Sources

Not only mono sound source, but also multi-channel sound sources such as stereo and 5.1channel source can be mixed in Dolby Atmos by making multi-channel Object bus for those sound source.

Examples : Using a newly created film Project "Fractured", we are going to show you some examples of how Atmos panning has been done in the Project.

11. Example 1 : Airplane Fly-over

12. Example 2 : Schoolchild Run-past

13. Example 3 : Bomb Whistling

14. Example 4 : Trench Ambience

15. Example 5 : Bullet Whiz-by

16. Example 6 : Dream Dialog