YPT-W320 Nouveau

Woman playing the YPT-W320 with one hand.


The touch response function puts fully expressive control over the dynamics at your fingertips, and the 76-key keyboard covers a greater range than conventional 61-key models—more than one octave—allowing you to authentically play even more piano pieces.


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Touch Response

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Woman trying out the Lesson feature.


Independently practice your right hand, or your left hand, or both hands together, and even practice specific phrases repeatedly as you want. And take advantage of the wide variety of Lesson functions to improve your playing. Select your favorite song from the 122 Lesson Songs that are available and practice it, to get better and have fun doing it.


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Keys To Success

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Woman practices Auto Chord Play.


This keyboard has a convenient Auto Chord Play function that automatically produces appropriate chords, letting you experience truly musical progressions and helping to expand your performance range. There’s even Style features that automatically play the rhythm, bass, and chordal parts to perfectly match your one-note or full-note chords, so that even if you’re by yourself, you can have a full backing band accompany you automatically.

Auto Chord Play

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Smart Chord

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Super Articulation Lite

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DSP effects

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Arpeggio function

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Registration memory

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USB Audio Recording/Interface

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Direct UI

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Duo Mode

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Song Book

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Headphones jack

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Battery Powered

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YPT-W320 Nouveau

76-key, standard model of Portable Keyboard for those who touch keyboard instrument for the first time, or even for players for performance usage. It is loaded with versatile functions, an expressive touch-sensitive keyboard action and many convenient functions so that even beginners can enjoy playing it right away.

  • 650 high quality Voices, 260 auto accompaniment Styles
  • Touch-sensitive keyboard with 48-note polyphony
  • 125 onboard Songs, easy Song Book (available via web download)
  • 12 Super Articulation Lite Voices
  • Reverb, Chorus and 41 types of DSP effects
  • 26 Harmony types
  • 152 Arpeggio types
  • Brand new "Auto Chord Play" function for Style
  • "Keys to Success" with various lesson functions
  • Duo mode
  • USB Audio/MIDI Recording/Interface
  • Battery operation (AAx6)

How to Select a Voice/Song/Style?

Jouez avec les styles d'accompagnement

Jouez avec les morceaux

Leçon en 3 étapes

Keys To Success

Rhythm&Touch Tutorial

Super Articulation Lite Voice


Effets sonores DSP


Registration Memory


Importing MIDI Song file

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