House of Worship Large

Zoned system for high quality BGM and paging

In addition to individual sound systems in each studio, this system provides the ability to broadcast announcements throughout the entire facility. The needs of smaller studios for yoga and similar lessons are covered by a compact system consisting of an MA2030 mixing amplifier connected directly to a pair of speakers. Larger dance studios add a subwoofer to the speaker system for extra musical depth and impact.

Yamaha CIS speaker deliver the same excellent sound quality whether used at low volume for BGM or higher volume for featured music.

The Priority Ducker function included in both the MTX matrix processor and MA2030 mixing amplifier automatically lowers the music level when microphone input is detected.

The Wireless DCP app allows source selection and volume adjustment to be carried out remotely from a compatible tablet computer or smartphone.



Components List

Model VXC4 ceiling speaker VXC8 ceiling speaker VXS5 speaker VXS8 speaker VXS10S sub woofer DCP4V4S controller
Qty 6 18 6 6 1 1
Model XMV8280 amplifier MA2030 mixer amplifier MG12 mixer MTX3 matrix CD-C600RK CD player<  
Qty 2 1 1 1 3  

Cable List

Name Analog Cable speaker cable: 8Ω Speaker Cable: 100V CAT5E cable
Length 25m 125m 490m 10m