Retail Store Medium

Four zone system for high quality BGM and paging

In this application the store, including the display area, is divided into four zones. In addition to different music sources and volume levels set up for the entrance and the main floor area, source selection and volume level can be controlled from a conveniently located controller according to the products being displayed, number of customers in the store, and special events.

Yamaha CIS speaker systems are specially tuned for music applications and are the best solution for BGM delivery, even when only low volume levels are required.

Independent source selection and volume adjustment for the different zones can be accomplished via the MTX matrix processor, while basic day-to-day operation can be easily carried out via DCP control panels.

The MTX processor includes a Priority Ducker function that automatically reduces music volume while announcements are being made.



Components List

Model VXC4 ceiling speaker VXS5 speaker VS6 outdoor speaker DCP4V4S controller DCP1V4S controller XMV4280 amplifier
Qty 3 6 2 1 1 1
Model MTX3 matrix CD-C600RK CD playe      
Qty 1 1        

Cable List

Name Analog Cable Speaker Cable: 100V CAT5E cable
Length 10m 100m 10m