Commercial Installed Sound

Commercial Installation Solutions

Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions are designed to help you deliver ideal sound in commercial spaces. A speaker system combined with an appropriate simple or smart solution can provide the perfect balance of performance and functionality for your needs.

Smart Solutions

MTX/MRX Series / Controllers / Peripherals

- Configurable to match the scale of the application

- Flexible DSP functions for advanced sound systems

- Industry leading stability and reliability

Simple Solutions

MA/PA Series

- Easy, intuitive operation and user-friendly design

- Simple setup that does not require a computer

- Outstanding functionality in compact units

Speaker Systems

VXS Series / VXL Series / VXC Series

- High quality, richly musical sound

- Visual design that harmonizes with any interior décor

- An extensive lineup to choose from


Since Yamaha was established over 130 years ago, the company has built an enviable reputation in the development and manufacture of musical instruments, home audio, and professional audio products that have been defining influences in a variety of fields. When you need top-quality sound for a commercial space that comes with added entertainment value, Yamaha has the solutions.