Solid Support for Critical Demands

Broadcast applications demand a great deal of the equipment used in terms of features, adaptability, sound, and reliability. That’s why you’ll find Yamaha professional sound gear in broadcast studios and vehicles around the world. Whether it’s CL/QL series consoles, DM/0 series consoles, or DME processors at the heart of flexible audio networks, broadcasters know they can rely on Yamaha to go to air with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Solid Support for Broadcast Applications

Here we’ll introduce a number of pro audio products from the extensive Yamaha lineup that offer the type of features, workflow efficiency, and reliability that are essential for broadcast applications.


The mixing console is the heart of any broadcast system, and Yamaha is a leading brand in the field. Yamaha mixers have a well-deserved and unflagging reputation for excellence based on superior sound, operability, versatility, and reliability.

Série QL

Les consoles de la série QL offrent dans un système « tout-en-un » le mixage, le traitement, et la capacité de routing pour les petites et moyennes configurations de sonorisation en live, l’évenementiel, le corporate, etc.

Série CL

Les consoles de mixage numériques Yamaha de la série CL offrent un nouveau niveau de raffinement. Elles profitent d’une longue expérience en matière de mixage audio, avec de nouvelles capacités de sculpture du son grâce à la technologie exclusive VCM de Yamaha qui donne à l’ingénieur du son une plus grande liberté créatrice.


The world's first THX pm3 certified digital mixer, the DM2000VCM embodies Yamaha's dedication to providing the best in surround production. It boasts 96 inputs and 22 mixing buses, and now comes with VCM and other plug-in effects as standard.


Offering the mixing functionality of the DM2000 in a compact, rack-mountable body, the DM1000VCM digital mixer provides robust support for the production, broadcast, and live-sound, and now comes with VCM and other plug-in effects as standard.


Network audio has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for broadcast systems. Yamaha maintains an open approach to network integration and offers products that support a number of network protocols, including a range of I/O devices and expansion cards that make it easy to adapt to any protocol that suits the user’s requirements.

Racks de la série R (A/N N/A)

Les racks d'entrées/sorties de la série R utilisent le protocole réseau audio Dante pour une flexibilité et une liberté d'installation exceptionnelle, tout en offrant un son naturel et musical qui fait ressortir tout le potentiel sonore des consoles de mixage.

Rack série R (MADI)

Voici le convertisseur Dante/MADI RMio64-D. Il offre de nouvelles et très utiles fonctionnalités pour le monde du broadcast et celui de la sonorisation en « live ».


8-Channel HD-SDI/SD-SDI Embedder/De-embedder Interface Card


8-Channel AES/EBU I/O Card with REF Video Input


16-Channel AES/EBU I/O Card


96kHz Compatible 8-Channel AES/EBU I/O Card with Sampling Rate Converter


16-Channel MADI Interface Card


16-Channel EtherSound/MADI I/O Expansion Card


Reverbs for ambience, modulation for layering and thickness, EQ and crossovers for speaker optimization … the results expected from processors are vast and varied. Yamaha offers an extensive lineup, from programmable DSP engines to industry-standard multi-effect processors and processing cards developed in cooperation with leading third-party manufacturers.


The MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System offers all essential audio processing functionality for DAW-based production environments in one streamlined, versatile, great-sounding, space-saving unit that provides efficient overall system management at surprisingly low cost.


Ces unités DSP connectables à un réseau offrent une gamme étendue de capacités de traitement du signal programmables via une interface graphique complète.


Automatic Mixing Controller Card


Avec son algorithme de réverbération Rev-X inégalé et sa « banque classique » capable de reproduire des effets classiques prisés, Yamaha a atteint le summum dans sa gamme de processeurs SPX multi-effets.


A design policy that emphasizes the highest possible fidelity to the original source plus the ability to accurately reveal the subtlest sonic and spatial changes in a mix makes Yamaha studio monitors ideal choices for the broadcast environment.


The choice of top recording and production engineers who demand unmatched accuracy and resolution that reveals critical sonic details. An unbeatable choice for production environments handling any combination of digital and analog sources in stereo or surround formats.

HS Series

Powered nearfield monitor speakers built on the success of its legendary predeccesors that have become a genuine industry standard for their accuracy.


An ideal powered monitor for small private studios, with a versatile selection of inputs.


The "standard" desktop monitor.

DAW System

Efficient, ergonomic control surfaces and high-performance audio interfaces that make the most of Steinberg DAW potential. Superior integration, operability, and sound quality offer distinct benefits in commercial post-production applications.


Nuage Integrated Audio Production System brings it all together in a collaboration that defines new standards of quality and workflow efficiency for virtually every aspect of the production process. Yamaha control and interface hardware seamlessly integrates with Steinberg Nuendo DAW software in a purpose-built system that offers unprecedented productivity and flexibility as well as premium audio quality.

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