Keyboard Players

Luke Smith

With a distinct sound and an ability to add the wow factor to any production Luke is in a league of his own.

Fred Nardin

Pianiste, organiste, compositeur et arrangeur

Simon Oslender

Inspired by his father's drumming and his mother's singing Simon had a strong connection to all kinds of music right from the start.


With her ethereal vocals and intimate lyrics, Fleurie makes music that’s both otherworldly and rooted in raw emotion.

Víctor Elías

Víctor Elías, who became famous in his home country through the Spanish sitcom Los Serrano, quit acting altogether in favor of making and producing music.

Charlie Stacey

Charlie Stacey is the one to watch.


Pianiste, organiste et claviériste français, Laurent Coulondre est aussi lauréat d'une 2eme victoire de la musique jazz en 2020