Delivering Fine Sound for London Accountancy Firm’s Teams Room

A Yamaha ADECIA Wireless conferencing solution has been chosen for a state-of-the-art, remotely-managed Microsoft Teams room at Lubbock Fine, a prominent London accountancy and business advisory services firm.

Lubbock Fine wanted to update its meeting room facilities, due to the changing demands of hybrid working and remote client meetings. The main aim was to create a high quality Microsoft Teams room, that provided flexibility in the physical arrangement for different meetings. It was also vital that the system could work without on-site intervention, as hybrid working meant there wouldn’t always necessarily be support on site.

London communications specialist Pinnacle worked in partnership with Essex-based Audiologic to deliver the audio solution, which would work seamlessly with the chosen camera and monitor technology.

An obvious choice for the project’s audio was the Yamaha ADECIA Wireless solution, thanks to its Ethernet components and PoE dovetailing seamlessly with Lubbock Fine’s existing technical infrastructure and Microsoft Teams certification. As well as delivering the required flexibility and audio quality, this would ensure user-friendly operation and straightforward maintenance.

Confirmed as the best solution by Jess Raraty, business manager at Audiologic, the Yamaha system comprises a pair of RM-WOM wireless omnidirectional tabletop microphones, two VXL1B-16P Dante PoE powered slim, full-range speakers, an RM-CR signal processor, RM-WAP-8 eight channel wireless access point and SWR2311P-10G intelligent L2 network switch.

“Yamaha ADECIA simplifies installation, configuration and acoustic challenges by providing all the essential components for a smooth installation, setup and operation,” says Jess. “This holistic approach reduces setup time, costs and complexities, guaranteeing a professional, high-quality audio experience.”

Emphasising the system’s versatility, she continues, “With the flexibility to choose between gooseneck and boundary microphones, the ADECIA Wireless solution lets you create the most comfortable space - from standard boardrooms to dynamic design labs and open spaces - without worrying about rewiring, should the layout change.”

Mitch Tuff from Pinnacle adds, “The Yamaha ADECIA Wireless system meets our customer’s requirements perfectly. Even the RM-WCH-8 microphone charging station enhances the user experience, because the microphones automatically activate when removed from the base and deactivate upon return, ensuring optimal audio quality at all times. It also streamlines microphone management, preventing misplacements and the need for manual charging.”

A spokesperson from Lubbock Fine notes, “High-quality, hassle-free audio equipment which is Microsoft Teams certified was paramount for this project to ensure clear communication during meetings, presentations and calls. Pinnacle recommended the ADECIA Wireless solution, and we were impressed with its capabilities during the demonstration.

“Since deployment, our technical support team has had minimal interaction with the equipment, aligning perfectly with our objectives. It’s a truly fantastic technological solution for the modern meeting room experience.”

United Kingdom


Système de microphones sans fil flexible selon l'utilisation de la salle et le type de réunion


Un processeur de signal au cœur de la solution ADECIA


Les paramètres recommandés pour une utilisation stable en réseau Dante (par exemple, QoS, EEE et IGMP Snooping) se règlent facilement

VXL1B-16P / VXL1W-16P

Enceinte Dante alimentée par PoE avec 16 haut-parleurs de 1,5"