Yamaha Music School

For more than 50 years Yamaha has been developing teaching courses for lessons at music schools for young and old alike. These teaching programmes are operated worldwide in the Yamaha Music Schools.

Since the opening of the first Yamaha Music School in 1954 in Japan, more than 5 million students have meanwhile received lessons from over 18,000 teachers at more than 4,500 different locations around the world.

Yamaha wishes to contribute towards awakening the musical aptitudes of everyone already at a childhood age, to further develop those in play and to offer a wide range of continuous support in the form of teaching.

Yamaha Music Education System

The Yamaha Music Education system consists of a 10 year systematic curriculum designed for children of pre-school and school age. It is based on an holistic music training approach which provides a special focus to enable children to express their creativity through performance and composition.

Popular Music Courses

The Yamaha Popular Music Course caters for musicians of all ages and is designed around having a relaxed and enjoyable lesson.

Instrumental and Vocal Courses

These courses provide a "hands on" practical approach rather than lots of musical theory. There is a comprehensive curriculum which covers all technical and musical aspects of learning to play specific instruments.

Early Childhood Music Initiation

All children are born with innate musical potential. By introducing music at such an early age sound principles of learning are sown which provide a solid base for future musical development.

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European Junior Original Concert 2015 Athens

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