AG Series


Trouvez votre public. Trouvez votre voix

La série AG se compose de deux mixers audio multi-usages avec une interface USB. Elle est particulièrement adaptée aux webcasters / podcasters, joueurs, musiciens itinérants, producteurs, etc…

Find your audience. Find your voice.

The words you speak. The songs you sing. Your influences, opinions, and passions take shape in the creations that ultimately become your voice.
When inspiration hits and you're ready to connect with an audience, whether it's your closest friends or a global network of fans that you haven't even met, you want to be sure that your voice, amongst so many others, is heard.

Main Features

  • Ready to share your voice
    with the world?

    AG is an ideal tool for fast and easy
    production of musical content for live
    streaming sites like YOUTUBE LIVE
    and USTREAM, online lessons
    in real time, or creating
    video or audio podcasts offline.

  • LOOPBACK function for
    internet live streaming

    The LOOPBACK function consolidates
    all input channels and playback
    tracks, and routes the mix to your
    internet streaming software for
    easy live streaming of performances
    to the internet.

  • USB bus powered or mobile battery

    USB bus power allows you to operate
    your AG without an external power
    source keeping your required space
    to a minimum.
    AG can also be driven by a mobile
    battery for use with an iPad providing
    users with a true mobile mixing and
    audio interface solution.

  • High resolution (192kHz / 24bit)
    playback and recording

    AG’s high-quality design enables
    192kHz / 24bit sound that can reproduce
    even the most subtle nuances of your
    original recordings.
    And AG's 192kHz/24bit sound quality is
    ideal for capturing the purest
    reproduction of your analog
    recordings when archiving your
    treasured collection.

  • Flexible connectivity

    AG comes equipped with a headset
    input as well as an input featuring
    phantom power, giving you the option
    to use conventional computer headset,
    or a professional condenser mic.

  • Class Compliant mode for
    iPad connection

    AG is compatible with Apple's second generation
    iPad or later, allowing you to create high quality
    recording and
    playback using an
    iOS compatible
    music app such
    as Cubasis.

  • 1-TOUCH DSP offers professional
    sound with a single touch

    It features 1-TOUCH DSP that utilizes Yamaha's
    state-of-the-art signal processing technology.
    1-TOUCH DSP will instantly add additional
    depth to your voice. COMP/EQ can smooth out
    your vocals while EFFECT adds atmospheric
    reverb with a single touch.

  • AG DSP Controller allows
    additional control of DSP settings

    AG DSP Controller gives you additional control of
    1-TOUCH DSP parameters such as COMP, EQ,
    HPF, reverb,and the AMP SIM.
    COMP/EQ will hone your tone while EFFECT adds
    ambient reverb, and AMP SIM delivers a classic,
    warm tube amp sound that will satisfy even the
    most discriminating guitar enthusiasts.

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Table de mixage 3 canaux polyvalente avec interface audio USB



Table de mixage 6 canaux polyvalente avec interface audio USB



2/8/2016 [Commercial Audio]
Nuage supporte Dolby Atmos

Sortie de la version 1.8 de Nuage avec support complet de Nuendo 7

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